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Teens building bridges

Level is our program for middle and high school students. Using the same formula as our Poetry Pals program, Level is a program that has been tailored for an older audience. 

Students have the opportunity to learn about their peers’ faiths and traditions, tour the holy space of a different religion, make new connections and friendships, and build bridges between different communities. Level prepares young adults to be the leaders of tomorrow – individuals who through the power of respect and empathy – can impact change in their communities and beyond. 

As with Poetry Pals, Level facilitates matching a school from one faith group with a partner school – or schools – from other faith groups. A main component of our program is bringing the faith groups together. Our programs can be tailored to your needs and we are happy to find a mold that works right for you.

"We are beginning to coach young children in the ability to question their beliefs about others, the snap judgements that we might make out of fear because of someone’s skin color, because of someone’s faith, because of how they dress…"

Darrell Jones, Board President

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