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Bringing kids together through art.

Poetry Pals is our program for 3rd through 5th graders primarily from Christian, Muslim and Jewish backgrounds. Through art-making, games, learning, conversations and fun, students are able to connect just as kids! Using creativity as a catalyst, they get a chance to learn about all the commonalities they share and celebrate their unique differences.

Our curriculum focuses on the power of empathy. Poetry Pals aims to break down stigma and prejudice before they ever take hold and help students learn to use empathy in their everyday lives. Students leave the program with new friends and a greater respect for others’ religion and traditions as well as a greater pride in their own.
Poetry Pals facilitates matching a school from one faith group with a partner school – or schools – from other faith groups. A main component of our program is bringing the faith groups together. Our programs can be tailored to your needs and we are happy to find a mold that works right for you.
"We are beginning to coach young children in the ability to question their beliefs about others, the snap judgements that we might make out of fear because of someone’s skin color, because of someone’s faith, because of how they dress…"

Darrell Jones, Board President

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